i've never done this before...

I’ve wanted to hop on this band-wagon train of blogging for awhile. I won't lie to you, I've been neglecting my work, twirling my fingers while I wait for the blog god to zap me with a prompt worth sharing. Iv'e come to the disappointing realization that he's not coming. However, life is passing, and I can chose to stay quiet or I can leap outward and just - try. 

I believe my life is what you would call “ordinary”. I was born, grew up, learned some stuff, and met other people who had done the same. It's always the same story, “I have dreams, goals, and I see myself here in ten years.” All of us just continuing daily routines in hopes of finding ourselves somewhere, someday, with someone. I didn’t understand the reasoning behind the daily patterns, I still don't know. However, I do understand that I was designed, prewired to function daily and chase fleeting moments. If I were going to pursue life I needed to accept this human condition. I didn’t need to poke it and pry around it's edges, I didn't need to understand, I needed to accept, learn why I must submit, how it could benefit me, and see the freedom it unlocked. To understand that through letting go, I could grasp tighter. 


 I apologize if I intrude into your life; rattle the routine of normality you’ve created. I have to say these words and I have to let you know that the words aren’t mine. For anything that sparks and jumps out at you through the two dimensional screen, know it’s much larger than my fingers pedaling on these keys.

Open me up from time to time and I’ll keep telling you stories if you’ll sit quietly with your morning coffee, and simmer over my thoughts.... well, His thoughts.