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Your bitterness points to your brokenness,

and allowing Her success to add to your brittleness, 

only proves your loneliness.

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We have been deceived and made to believe that another woman's success robs us of our future success. Too many young women fall victim to this mentality.

 The lie tells me there’s only one pie, and limited pieces. If She keeps getting share after share, how will there ever be enough for me? Her beautifully portrayed life has the power to cause life itself to overlook me and forget me. And if she is succeeding I’ll simply be waiting, waiting for life to come back and grab me, like an estranged passenger off the Titanic. 

Your bitterness points to your brokenness, and your brokenness is feeding you lies.

 Shift your bitterness into consciousness. 

Scrolling through the endless feed of Facebook and Instagram can be deadly. The pretty pictures and exciting news can either be the making or breaking of our day. The success people display on social media is undoubtably grand. We see engagements, marriages, promotions, pregnancies, dream vacations, wealth, personal development … and the feed just keeps going. 

These are wonderful things, and they happen to wonderful people. I’m sure at least one of these has happened to you?

I’m so sorry, Darling, if you claim it hasn’t, because both of us know that’s not true. Are you so busy sulking over Her that you’ve forgotten the many goals you’ve achieved this year? Do you allow Her truly blessed life to bring you bitterness? Could we just for a moment be brave and reflect on what we are selling ourselves,

Her success discredits the many things I have accomplished, and jeopardizes my future endeavors. Her life takes precedence over mine; I give Her more focus than I do myself. 

*read that again*

That’s a lie. And I’m afraid that you’ve been selling yourself that lie for some time. 

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“A sound heart is life to the body, but envy is rottenness to the bones.”- Proverbs 14:30

You have goals and dreams for your life, do you not? You have high hopes and work towards those achievements. Or maybe you’re stuck in a rut, with a lack of direction and you just can’t get a move on. In either situation, wherever you are right now, you must stop telling yourself these lies. You mustn't allow your envy to cause brittleness. Her success could actually fuel you, you know? Could you allow yourself to be inspired by what she has done? Could you even so dare to compliment Her? She didn’t get lucky, Darling, She worked for that success. And yes, while they are pretty and mesmerizing, they aren’t for you, they aren’t yours to keep. So please, don’t stare too long. Get on with your own work and your own goals. 

There is an endless pie and it’s your favorite flavor. You have the talent and work ethic to bake as many pies as you so fancy, but your oven won’t turn on if it’s busy fuming over Her. 

The only person discrediting you, is you. 

- Vivian

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