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Chase it

Chase it

Go after it, like the breath you’ve been given was created for it. That by this dream you would fulfill His purpose, for your beautiful existence. 

If it beats wildly, consumes your dream space and heart space, chase it.

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No matter the nature or circumstance of your birth, you are known deeply by a force that saw you before you were formed. 

None of us stumbled into this world without a vision attached to our lives. From your first breath your parents dreamed for you and did everything in their power to point you towards success. As your younger years passed your parents watched and shed tears over the smallest victories.  Their dreams for you grew and flickers of expectation started to twinkle. You see, if it wasn’t for my sports fanatic mother encouraging me to try soccer (because she knew I was a timid little thing) I wouldn’t have come home declaring that I detest the sport - and my mom wouldn’t have gone searching for the flyer that read “Baton Lessons”. It was through moments of true vulnerability and literal loathing that I found the seed to my life. Baton twirling. And through that sport (10 years of it) I found dance. And through dance I found my thing, I found my bliss. Have you found yours? 

Friend, do you connect to something deeper when you paint? While holding your camera do you feel steady? And when you're balancing up there on a rock face pushing yourself to climb higher, do you feel limitless? Have you read so many books that now you yourself want to write one? Do you push yourself to swim faster so you too can stand on the podium? 

Whether it be music, cooking, painting, or dancing. You must find your bliss. And once you’ve done that you must go after it. 

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It saddens me to watch so many people accept their passions as simple hobbies. Hobbies that can only be enjoyed once all the necessary work is exhausted. 

If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat. - 2 Thes. 3:10

We have decided and understand that work is needed. Everyone needs a form of work in this life. We cannot expect growth of livelihood and impact on our families to happen without hard work. When did the shift occur that your choice of work turned towards a need of great money and stray away from those passions of yours? It is true that dancing or teaching dance does not build a millionaire. But when I have dance I find that my needs are simple. Food, clothes, a roof, maybe some books. The cars and glam don't call my name anymore, because I listen to the call of dancing, and that quenches me. I don’t mind going to work and I look forward to each new school year and all the little new faces that brings. 

Now let's say with all the days teaching you still didn’t have enough to pay rent. This is the pivotal moment for many young people. Do you put the dream and passions down and settle for the cubicle and the endless ladder? Or do you hustle? Do you add on another job to make it work and sacrifice sleep in order to chase those dreams that pull at your heart strings? I pray that a lion begins to grow in you that refuses defeat and rejects criticism from peers who may not “approve” of your life choices. I hope you spend time with God and listen to the gifts he’s given you. While your dream may not make you a rich man your dream matters and it’s powerful and it may very well prove to change the lives of young people. That book you want to write could be the book that inspires the next Jane Austen, and that painting that’s living inside your colorful mind could bring tears of joy to a person who's recently lost everything. Darling, your work matters. Your passions are powerful. And there is enough time in each day to chase after that dream. You must go after it, because there are people waiting for your gifts, and there is a God who cannot wait for the day He gets to smile down at you and His good work in you completed. 

It pulls at me daily, and sometimes it’s hard work. But it is His good work.

So I dance.

- Vivian

Oxygen mask

Oxygen mask