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You are perfectly secure in Him

You are perfectly secure in Him

If you rest your life in Him,

a relationship will form.

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Have you ever been a fan of something or someone? Im a proud millennial so lets go for the totally non cliche and original example of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter phenomenon. 

You’ve seen the movies, maybe you read every single book - oh! AND you waited in line for eight hours to get your hands on the latest release. I know I’ve got some die hards reading this that have visited Harry Potter World - you’re a serious fan. 

I’m a super fan of the big capital J.C. 

I know Harry is neat and all, but guys, Jesus straight up turned water into wine - and he didn't need a wand. I would have preferred a light crisp LeCroix (pamplemousse, please) but hey beggars can’t be choosers. 

Being a fan or maybe you’ve heard the more intimate word of “follower” simply means that I firstly believe Jesus is the God of this universe, and secondly, that He purchased my life with His  on the cross. Needless to say, I’m incredibly humbled and thankful for His pure existence. Did I mention I’m a fan? 

When we believe in Jesus, when we accept the gospel as truth something naturally shifts in our thinking. In addition to being saved we’re immediately transferred into God’s heavenly family. A permeant transaction that can never be revoked. That permanence does not depend on our works, but rather, the one and only perfect work of Christ. This truth, this reassuring truth of security is how God sees us. This is our position; 

I am in Christ and He is in me.

Sometimes we willingly exit outside of this rest, and let me tell you there’s nothing remotely restful outside of the position of Christ.

God throws a Gryffindor styled party every second we rest in our position, seriously He does, know why? Because it brings Him glory. 

When we rest in our position, being identified in Christ - we glorify God.

I don’t know about you but if I could glorify God daily I’d be pretty stoked. The magical part of this position is that you can do just that. Jesus did the heavy lifting, He paid the debt, and it wasn’t easy. Christ is on the throne, not us. So please don’t for one second start believing that you need to wrestle out this position thing inside of yourself. 

It’s done, it IS finished, remember? 

As one of my best and most cherished friends says, 

“Don’t try to experience your position. You have your position, so experience it.”

The moment I try* working to glorify God I start to depend on myself rather than Christ. I take away from what He did, is doing, and will do. To walk by the spirit is to remember and meditate on the gospel. Jesus took away my sins on a cross, he was buried, and defeated death by straight up walking out of a tomb! Again, friends! He’s the real wizard. 

*Before anyone starts throwing the “witch craft” fireballs at me, breathe, it’s an analogy - and don’t pretend it didn’t make you smile just a little. 

God wants us to live healthy lives that ultimately bring Him glory, and he gives some real solid examples of that in His famous book. He also wants us to tell other people about Him. Remember that whole free will thing? Well, we get to plan out our lives and sometimes really cool stuff happens, and other times tons of crummy stuff happens. But all of those things are lessons pack full of opportunity. Really sweet opportunities given to us to practice depending on Him more.

As you’re making choices for your life, as you chase goals, can you practice resting in the gospel? Do you believe the gospel? Trust me, you’re going to receive convictions and guidance that will place you on a path towards HIS ultimate glory.

If you rest your life in Him, a relationship will form.

It’s like magic,

- Vivian 

Talent seeds. You were made to Bloom.

Talent seeds. You were made to Bloom.

Packages; tied up with strings

Packages; tied up with strings