The universal question

Your unbelief in God rests in your inability to choose. You have a choice, and most people run from that exposing freedom. There’s a choice, and you’re either chasing it or avoiding it. 

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Everyone knows that in life when options are given, a decision process has to be made. We have search engines to help us gather facts. We list the pros and cons to analyze and come to a conclusion. Making choices when given many options is easy, making a choice when given two options is maddening. God simply asks: “Do you believe?” or “Do you not believe?”  There’s no wiggle room, no need to analyze the question. Yes, or No.  

 And in that moment is where I’ll lose half of you. You don’t WANT to choose. There’s something about that choice that is too exposing, and that’s what I’d like to focus on today.  So, please no matter how uncomfortable you might feel right now, push through. Be vulnerable. 

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I agree, it’s as personal as you can get. So as I stated in my intro, “I apologize if I intrude into your life; rattle the routine of normality you’ve created.” I’d like to believe that what I say to you could change your mind and make the choice less maddening. God’s words cannot fail, but when I speak my own there is the possibility of great loss. Take it from Him.

“When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with the humble is wisdom” Proverbs 11:2

Today I’m not asking you to come back with all the reasons you don’t believe, nor am I asking if you believe. Wherever you’re at with “understanding” or “seeking” just drop it for the remainder of this letter. Quit going to the answer and start exploring the actual question, better yet why is there even a question to begin with?

You have been prewired with an intellectual ability to ask “Was I created?” “Where am I going?” and to be real “What the h*ll am I doing here!?” It’s not by happenstance that every single one of us has those questions imprinted on our hearts. No matter your skin color, gender, political views, or geographical location everyone asks these questions. It’s ingrained in your psyche. The madness comes from realizing you cannot run from this question. 

You feel the question strongly in moments of turmoil. You might even catch yourself praying to an entity you don't even believe in, right?….. I know, because I did this too. 

Perhaps we are to notice this, and give it a sense of value. This choice that is asked over and over for all of time. 

If you ponder over this question long enough and think about the uniqueness of the situation you’ll see that it’s inescapable. You cannot run from it, because if you run you’re essentially answering. If you dive deeper you’ll find that “yes” is the answer. The mind wants to choose, it was made to choose. 

That’s as far as I want you to go today, stop answering and start studying the question itself.

“We can never see past the choices we don’t understand” - The Oracle (The Matrix) 

From a woman who understood the question, 

- Vivian