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Roadkill//lethal shortcuts.

Roadkill//lethal shortcuts.

As we rounded the corner my eye’s fixated on the plump brown mass dashing across the winding road. Muscles tensed in preparation for the audible confirmation that my little mouse friend was no more. Don't they understand the tires are lethal? But, the road is paved. Take the easy way, says the ego. 

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I know you’re not a mouse, but sometimes you take the paved road in hopes of skipping over the really tough stuff. I’ve been a mouse before, and I was roadkill every time I attempted the paved road. The paved road is smooth and visible, but behind that deceptive image is an environment that only wants one thing. It wants to see you permanently fail, and it’s waiting for you like a troll underneath a bridge. Don’t be roadkill, friend. 

“Easy way outs” or shortcuts to success don’t exist no matter how many times we wish it were so. The nitty gritty hurtles are necessary and the time required cannot be made counterfeit. You cannot cross over the road and expect your dreams to magically manifest into a reality. You don’t deserve the title “expert” until you’ve paid your dues. Your dues cannot be paid by crossing the paved road. 

Once that sinks in read on…. 

If you know what you have been called to do with your life you have to go after it. Prepare to take the longer route and put in hours of work. Allow yourself to be pushed out of your comfort zone and dare to feel vulnerable. What if God wants you to travel through the hard path because there’s a vital lesson to be learned? A lesson you would miss if you took the paved road. What if the time you put in is in place to align with someone important? What if, there’s a plan?

I avoided His plan for years, I thought it was boring and skipped over all the dreams I had. What could God know? He had been silent for years. Deafeningly silent. There were tumble weeds roving across the paved road and on the other side was my dream. With no obvious dangers in sight I went for it. I darted across the road, hands out ready to greedily snatch my desires. Each time I attempted this I was laid out battered and bruised within seconds, and yet I still attempted - for years. 

“Whatever you do, do it with all of your heart. As doing it for The Lord, not for man."

- Colossians 3:23

Some of us are slow learners. I know I’m not the only one, so no need to feel embarrassed. Come on out of your shame, it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve attempted the paved road. He’s waiting for you to stop for a moment and listen. Listen for His directions and allow that “gut feeling” you have to truly resonate. You know there’s no way around this work. No one is going to simply hand you your dreams, and it certainly does not exists on the other side of that road. It exists on the long route deep in the forest where “failure” (in your eyes) is bound to happen. Keep walking straight into those messes and come out wiser. 

The paved road is a mirage, and it will never stop calling your name. Don’t listen.

A redeemed victim of the paved road,

- Vivian

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